Monday, January 10, 2011

Books sent!

I sent out some books to reviewers, taken from the names that Outskirts sent me.  They all write for a newspaper, magazine, or blog, so I hope they will review Sudden Moves or interview me.  I would be thrilled to receive an inteview!  I want to post one up on my website for everyone to read.  I also emailed the Peoria Journal Star again.  They turned me down the first time, but I sent them the review I received on Amazon's Kindle store - from Suzanne Parrott of Unruly Guides in Oregon.  I hope they will reconsider and mention my book in the paper.  I just received my address labels from Vista Print featuring the book cover, my website and address.  I really wish they would use bigger font, but I had to squeeze everything in - as much info as I could get to let people know about the book.  The more exposure the better!!
I also won a book in Goodreads book giveaway!  Let's Kill Uncle my Rohan O'Grady and it sounds good!  I put Sudden Moves in for a giveaway - open until the middle of Feb, so enter to win your copy!!!  

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